Spanish Video Project Tourism Ad for a Spanish-Speaking Country


Spanish Tourism Ad project


This FUN and motivating project will get your Spanish students doing some presentational speaking for a real-world purpose! Students research the tourist attractions of a Spanish-speaking country and create an ad. The purpose of the ad is to attract more tourists, but the purpose of the project is for students to learn about the wonderful places in the Spanish-speaking world and to encourage them to put these places on their “must see” list! All parts of this activity are customizable to make them just right for your students.

In this mini-project, students will choose a Spanish-speaking country. They will research the “Can’t Miss” tourist destinations of the country in-depth. Next they will find images of the places and important information about the places and use them to create an advertisement. Student have many options for how they would like to put their TV ad together, including Google Slides, Screencastify and others. The goal is to make an ad that the target audience can’t resist! This country is the NEXT place they plan to go on vacation!

One thing I’ve struggled with in the past is students not using class work time well. To solve this, I created a timeline that explains what should be accomplished during each work period. It has been very successful in terms of students being on task during class work time, and has reduced the amount of “last minute” project completion that often results in low quality work. The timeline is now included with this project!

Depending on your class size and other factors, students can share their work in 3 ways:

-instead of recording their audio into their commercial, they can present live!

-they can record their audio, and the teacher can play each one for the class

-*This is what I usually do! I ask students to set up their computers on their desks, open to their presentation. Students switch seats and watch a number of ads that their classmates created. It ads more student choice and more engagement!

This resource is INCLUDED in the complete lesson plans for AP Spanish Unit 5 linked below!!

Who can use this product?

  • Students at the Intermediate level of the ACTFL proficiency chart or higher
  • AP Spanish Students

How can I use this product?

  • Assign this project in parts for in-class or for homework
  • Use this project as a presentational speaking grade
  • Give students the opportunity to use their Spanish to create a quality real-world product!
  • Allow students to show their ads in class. Watch as the audience is awed and captivated by the interesting, beautiful and wonderful places that they can travel to comfortably as Spanish-speakers!
  • Involve the class in the presentations by having them vote on different categories, like: Most convincing ad, Country with the Most Natural Beauty, Most Fun Country, Most Adventurous Vacation, Most Different from the US, etc.
  • Use the information students learn for a cultural comparison
  • Works well with Unit 5 AP curriculum about factors that influence our quality of life!

What’s included in this product?

  • 2-page Google Doc with student instructions and a step-by-step outline of the process in Spanish
  • A sign-up sheet for students to choose their country
  • A rubric in Spanish
  • A timeline of what to accomplish during each work session to keep students productive and accountable
  • Comment sheets for classmates to use when watching others’ presentations
  • All parts of this project can be edited and customized to fit each class’s needs


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Spanish Tourism Ad project

Spanish Video Project Tourism Ad for a Spanish-Speaking Country