Spanish Seal of Biliteracy Interpersonal Speaking AAPPL Test


Interpersonal  Listening and Speaking Practice for Spanish students


Are your Spanish students preparing to take a test for the Seal of Biliteracy? Here are 15 interpersonal listening/speaking prompts designed to help them succeed on the AAPPL or STAMP Test.   Build speaking proficiency by allowing students to listen to the recorded prompts and record their own responses.

This activity is designed to mimic the AAPPL test in that there are multiple prompts about lots of subjects.  The prompts will ask students to respond with their own information, or to ask questions.  The prompts become more complex as they go, and move between present and past tenses primarily.

The prompts are recorded for you, but the teacher script is also provided in case you want to record your own voice or set this activity up in language lab software.  If you don’t have a language lab, this activity is easy to use as a whole class or to post on your learning platform.

Also included are teacher instructions and options for how to use this resource, hints and strategies about this portion of the AAPPL test, student self-assessment rubric and a teacher rubric!


*This activity is part of a bundle that practices Seal of Biliteracy test reading and writing*


Who can use this product?

  • Students preparing for the Seal of Biliteracy
  • Students preparing for the AAPPL test or STAMP test
  • Students at Intermediate Low and above
  • Pre-AP students

How can I use this product?

  • Assign these practices all at once, or over the course of time
  • Have students try these practices at different points in the year to measure progress
  • Use these as practice, or use the included rubric to count them as a grade
  • Assign these as preparation for the Seal of Biliteracy Test or the AAPPL test
  • Use them as benchmarks or as graded assessments
  • Save student responses to demonstrate what different levels of proficiency sound like

What’s included in this product?

  • 15 pre-recorded audio prompts covering a range of topics
  • Teacher instructions
  • Various options for how to use this activity with students
  • Specific information about strategies and scoring for the AAPPL test with links to the AAPPL website
  • Student activity charts (for no-prep use)
  • Teacher script (for correcting or to record your own voice if you choose)
  • Student self-assessment rubric
  • Teacher rubric with copy and paste comments

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Spanish Integrated Listening and Speaking practice for AAPPL

Spanish Seal of Biliteracy Interpersonal Speaking AAPPL Test