Spanish Seal of Biliteracy Integrated Listening and Speaking Future Activities


Spanish integrated listening and speaking activities for future plans


Have you tried Integrated Listening and Speaking activities with your Spanish students? Use these IPA activities with the theme of the future to get students listening and responding- just like in tests like AAPPL for the Seal of Biliteracy! There are 2 activities, each with 5 prompts.  The prompts are recorded as if students are conversing with the recorded person.  They listen to the recording and then record their own response.  Integrated Performance Assessments mimic real-world interactions, and these activities are great practice for communication!

These no-prep activities include everything you need to assign and go! Each activity has 5 audio links. Students listen to the audio and record a logical response. They will hear common expressions used on the AAPPL Test like “Hazme preguntas, cuéntame and dame detalles”.

The teacher script allows you to correct with ease or even record your own voice if you choose. There are lots of notes and ideas for teachers so you know just how to use this activity! Finally, students can self-assess with the included rubric. The 2 activities are created with different levels of complexity, so you can differentiate for different levels amongst your students, or use them at different points in your unit!

Who can use this product?

  • Spanish students in Year 2 and up
  • Students learning the future tense (will)

How can I use this product?

  • Assign via Google Classroom or other learning platform (students can work at their own pace)
  • Play the audios for the class
  • Students can record in your language lab or other purchased software OR they can use a FREE online recorder and paste their audio links into the assignment
  • Use the 2 activities to differentiate for students OR
  • Use the 2 activities at different points in the unit
  • Use these ILS activities as practice OR as an assessment

What?s included in this product?

  • 2 Integrated Listening and Speaking Activities related to plans for the future
  • Each activity has 5 audio prompts
  • Audios are already recorded for you!
  • Student assignment sheet with audio links and a place for students to paste their recordings
  • Teacher script (can be used for correcting or to record your own voice if you choose)
  • Teacher notes and ideas
  • Student self-reflection rubric

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Spanish ILS Future Activities

Spanish Seal of Biliteracy Integrated Listening and Speaking Future Activities