Spanish Partner Speaking Activities for Travel and Vacation


Spanish partner speaking activities for travel and vacation


Spanish students need lots of practice to improve their proficiency in speaking. These 5 partner speaking activities focused on travel and vacation offer scaffolded ways to get your Spanish class talking! The assignments start simple and increase in complexity, requiring more creativity as they become familiar with the vocabulary and grammar. The activities are focused on the past time frame (preterite and imperfect).

Activities included:

1. Partner sentence translating:

This is a great way to start students speaking about travel and vacation. It’s basic and doesn’t involve a lot of creativity; students will just be translating sentences to practice vocabulary and verb conjugation.  The benefit to this activity is that students help each other understand time frame since their partner has the correct answer.

2. Finish your partner’s sentence

This is the next step. One student will read the beginning of a sentence. The other student has to understand what was said and finish the sentence logically. This provides an opportunity for limited creativity with language and listening comprehension for both students.

3. Guided conversations:

Once your students are more comfortable with vocabulary related to vacation and travel, have them try this interpersonal speaking activity. Both students will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions as part of a conversation, but with a lot of scaffolding/guidance to build confidence.

4. Write, speak, converse:

As students progress with vocabulary and grammar structures, they will write a story according to some guiding questions. Next, they will use the ideas for questions to ask each other about their story. Students will answer each other’s questions out loud. At the end, there is a self assessment about how well they did answering their partner’s questions.

5. Travel and Vacation Situation Task Cards:

My absolute FAVORITE class activity! Situation task cards are SO versatile! They can be used in many ways, but here we have 20 different scenarios for students to talk (or write) about, all related to travel and vacation. These cards offer the most creative freedom for students, and therefore I have them as the last step. Of course, they can be used at various points within your unit- it would be great to point out how much students have improved from beginning, middle and end of the unit! There are many more specific instructions when you click the link!

Who can use this product?

  • Students in Year 2 and up

How can I use this product?

  • All of these activities are designed to be completed with a partner
  • These activities can be completed in person or in breakout rooms on digital platforms
  • Ask students to self or peer assess
  • Use these activities as practice
  • Re-use certain activities as an assessment

What’s included in this product?

  • Doc with all 5 activities linked in (includes the description of each activity as shown above in this product description)
  • Partner sentence translation (2 versions: Persona A & Persona B) with correct answers
  • Finish the sentence (2 versions: Persona A & Persona B)
  • Guided conversations (includes 2 versions so students can switch roles as asker/answerer in a conversation)
  • Write, speak, converse (includes specific instructions for how to turn a writing activity into a way to converse)
  • Travel and Vacation Task Cards (3 versions: printable black and white or color, digital)
  • Peer and Self Assessment rubrics
  • Teacher instructions for the many ways the Task Cards can be used


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Spanish partner speaking activities for travel and vacation

Spanish Partner Speaking Activities for Travel and Vacation