Spanish Partner Conversations about the Future: Guided Conversations


Spanish Future Guided Conversations


Do your Spanish students need some help with interpersonal speaking? Are they struggling to have conversations in Spanish? Let’s give them some guided support with these guided conversations! Both students will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions as part of a conversation, but with a lot of scaffolding to build confidence.

There are 3 guided conversations, so both students will have a chance to ask and answer questions in a conversational way.

These conversations focus on future plans in the future time frame. They can work with the immediate future (ir + a + infinitive) or with the simple future (will). *The bonus 3rd conversation features a challenge: both present and future time frames!

Who can use this product?

  • Spanish students in year 2 and up

How can I use this product?

  • Students will work in partners to participate in a guided conversation
  • Students will both practice asking questions and answering questions
  • Teachers can assign these conversations as practice or as an assessment
  • Students can practice the same conversations with multiple partners to increase comfort and proficiency!

What’s included in this product?

  • 3 guided conversations about future plans
  • Each conversation provides a scenario/topic of conversation
  • The conversations provide general ideas about what to ask and answer to make it easier for students to keep their conversation going.

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Spanish Future Guided Conversations

Spanish Partner Conversations about the Future: Guided Conversations