Pre-AP Spanish Read and Write 3 IPA Style Reading Comprehension Activities


Pre-AP Spanish Read and Respond


Getting Pre-AP Spanish students has never been easier!  These 3 read and respond activities integrate relevant themes with unique reading comprehension activities that require writing.  Students will build proficiency while reading narrative style short stories.  They will demonstrate understanding by producing a writing response in a variety of forms.  This resource includes the following 3 engaging activities:

-a transformative travel experience with a follow-up diary entry

-a passionate environmentalist with a follow-up poster or infographic

-a worried teen with a broken phone and a follow-up dialogue between the teen and a chatbot for customer service

All the reading themes are timely and relatable to teens and each response takes a different form.  No more boring, cookie cutter response!  Each is open-ended and unique and gives students choice in what they say and how they say it!  There are so many ways to use these activities, and so little for the busy teacher to do!  Print or post and you’re done!  Get your advanced Spanish students ready and confident for AP Spanish or college coop courses! 

Who can use this product?

  • Students in Pre-AP classes
  • AP Spanish students 

How can I use this product?

  • In-class reading and writing practice
  • In-class assessment (IPA style)
  • Homework assignment 

What’s included in this product?

  • Teacher notes on how to use these activities
  • 3 readings (Intermediate Mid level)
    • Technology problem
    • Recycling
    • Travel 
  • 3 follow-up activities
    • Write a dialogue
    • Make a poster or infographic
    • Write a diary entry based on research about a travel destination

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Pre-AP Spanish Read and Respond

Pre-AP Spanish Read and Write 3 IPA Style Reading Comprehension Activities