AP Spanish Simulated Conversation How To Presentation


A How To Tutorial for AP Spanish students learning the Simulated Conversation!


Need a tutorial for AP Spanish students when instructing How To complete the Simulated Conversation? This Google Slides presentation will show AP Spanish students how to record a great Simulated Conversation on the AP Spanish Exam.  This digital How To Tutorial comes with a Spanish and an English version and is fully editable!

This slide show is a concise introduction to the purpose and rules and requirements of the Simulated Conversation. It will explain what skills are assessed on this task and what the rules, requirements and expectations are. It contains helpful hints on what students should do and should not do to score well. It will also show students a conversation grid similar to what is shown on the AP Test. Included in this product is a google doc with Spanish pausing words and Spanish exclamations commonly used in conversation.

Who can use this product?

  • Students preparing to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam

How can you use this product?

  • Use this Slides presentation to introduce students to the Simulated Conversation Task
  • Give students a visual for what the conversation grid looks like
  • Ask students to save this presentation in their Google Drive for future reference
  • Ask students to memorize the directions for this task
  • Ask students to memorize the key phrases included in the google doc

What’s included in this product?

  • How To Tutorial Presentations (1 in Spanish and an identical one in English)
  • Information on what skills the Simulated Conversation tests
  • Information on the rules and requirements of the Simulated Conversation
  • A sample conversation grid similar to the one students will see on the AP Test
  • Do’s and Don’ts for how to participate appropriately in the task
  • A google doc that contains Spanish pausing words and exclamations for participating in a conversation

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AP Spanish Simulated Conversation How To

AP Spanish Simulated Conversation How To Presentation