AP Spanish Lesson Plans Week 1 Getting Started No Textbook Needed!


AP Spanish Week 1 Lesson Plans


NEW to teaching AP Spanish? No problema! This bundle contains EVERYTHING you need to get your course started! These Google products are both digital and printable and include a student syllabus, grading policy, Week 1 Lesson Plans, class and homework activities and more! All of the resources can be edited or modified to suit your specific needs! Take back your summer and have some piece of mind knowing that you have all the resources you need to start your new course!

What Other Teachers Say:

Extremely satisfied

These resources totally saved me!! This product has everything I needed (and didn’t want to make myself) for those first days and weeks of class. There’s so much included – a slideshow to outline what students can expect in the course, a grading policy, syllabus, a parent letter, LESSON PLANS…the list goes on! I especially like the interview activity and homework activity, and that everything is editable on Google Docs. Whether you’re new to AP or looking to refresh what you have, this has everything you could even think about needing!

Who can use this product?

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture Teachers

What’s included in this product and how can I use it?

Day 1 Google Slide Show: English Version (25 slides)

-On the first day of school, my AP students are so nervous and wondering if they made the right decision to attempt AP Spanish.? They often aren’t certain that they have enough skill to do well. This slideshow explains what is the same and what is different about AP Spanish, highlighting that they are working to earn 6 college credits! I share pictures of the many blessings I have in my life as a result of learning Spanish as a way to encourage them to keep studying Spanish. You never know what doors will be open to you! At the end of the presentation, I have several “Turn and Talk” questions to ease them back into speaking Spanish. Many of the beginning slides in this version are in English. I make a decision year-to-year on which version to use (Spanish or English) based on what I think my students’ needs might be. I use the English version when fear and anxiety is especially high.

Day 1 Google Slide Show: Spanish Version (25 slides)

-This is the same presentation as described above- all in Spanish.

Grading Policy (2 pages)

-This grading policy lays out what the grading categories will be and what percentage each one counts for. It also explains the late work and cheating/plagiarism policies.  *This can be modified to fit with your school’s grading policy.

Course Syllabus (5 pages)

-This syllabus is written in a combination of Spanish and English. It is meant to be handed out to students, but also useful for parents or administrators who don’t speak Spanish. It lays out the course description, the textbooks and resources we use, the grading, attendance, late work and cheating plagiarism policies, and the course calendar.  *This can be modified to fit your school’s specifics.

What is Language Proficiency? (2 pages)

-As a language teacher, I have been asked the questions “When will I be fluent?” or “When will my child be fluent?”  many times. This handout explains what language proficiency is according to ACTFL, and lists where we hope to start and end the course with students. It includes the Can-Do statements for each level from ACTFL.

Cheating and Plagiarism (2 pages)

-This is a comprehensive handout of what, exactly, is and is not allowed when using resources when students need help. It gives students specific information on what resources are allowed, and how to properly document when they have used a resource. It explains the academic and behavioral consequences related to infractions. It requires signatures from both the student and a parent/guardian.

Class Codes (1 page)

-This doc has a spot to list all the join codes for the different things we use. Mine includes Google Classroom, how to join our recording software and the AP Classroom join codes. I find this helpful to have in case a new student joins the class after the first few days of school.

Country Chart (1 page)

Each semester, students are assigned a country of study where Spanish is spoken. We use these countries when I ask them to find articles related to specific topics or cultural products, practices and perspectives. This doc has teacher notes about how to assign countries and how to use small groups to get them talking about their countries!

First Day Interview Sheet (for students) (1 page)

-A Spanish questionnaire to find out more about your new students! I ask about their interests, strengths, plans, and family.

First Homework: Our Summer (3 pages- instructions and 2 examples)

-This is an easy and personalized homework assignment that asks students to share a picture and description of something they did this summer. In class, I have students read others’ work and comment on it as a way to begin building camaraderie.

College Credit Night: Info Sheet for Parents (2 pages)

-Our school has both an AP Course info night for parents/guardians. This handout explains what is the same and what is different about AP Spanish compared to Years 1-4. It highlights how being successful with the AP Exam can lead to earning 6 college credits!

Week 1 Lesson Plans? (6 pages)

-These lesson plans are written for a 5-day school week with 45 minute periods, but can be easily adapted to any school schedule. The beginning of a school year can be a little dry with all the housekeeping items of passing out papers, seating charts, book distribution, etc. But these lesson plans incorporate something every day to make sure students are hearing and speaking Spanish right from the first day, while also taking care of the unavoidable tasks. There are teacher notes and several options so that you can tailor your first week of school to what you and your students will most enjoy!

Parent Letter & Guest Speaker Request? (1 page)

-This is a letter I send home to families (either in handout form or via email). I introduce myself as their teacher and ask if anyone might be willing to be a guest speaker for our class, or knows someone who would. I have had amazing guest speakers for my students who talk about how they use Spanish in their careers and/or lives, and it is very motivating for students to see how people use their Spanish outside of our classroom walls! It’s a wonderful way to involve families too!

Remember that all of these documents are easily modified or edited to be tailored to your exact school and needs!

Administrators, please remember to purchase multiple licenses if you are purchasing this resource for more than one department member!

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