AP Spanish Lesson Plans Unit 5 Factors That Influence Quality of Life


AP Spanish Unit 5 The Factors That Influence Quality of Life


Ready to start AP Spanish Unit 5: The Factors That Influence Quality of Life? (Los factores que influyen en la calidad de vida ) Your entire unit’s lesson plans are done! These digital AND printable lesson plans have nearly every activity you will need linked in. Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Activities that combine 2 skills, Homework, Assessments, AP Exam Style activities and even Projects are all included! A bigger emphasis is placed on practicing parts of the AP Exam, because if you are going in order, Unit 5 falls during the time of year when the AP exam is getting close. Students will practice writing an AP Exam Email Reply, they will practice the Cultural Comparison and the Simulated Conversation and practice the reading and listening multiple choice style questions. This is the fifth unit in the AP Classroom curriculum. (In my Units 1-4 plans, all of the parts of the AP Exam have been introduced with direct instruction.)

Best of all, these lesson plans do NOT require that you have a particular textbook!? Everything you need is provided!

Teaching a new course, or even trying to revamp a course you’ve taught for a while is extremely time consuming. These complete unit lesson plans will take you through the entire 5th unit for The Factors That Influence Quality of Life starting with a “Hook Activity” about what is REALLY important in life to spark interest and then the essential questions, vocabulary list and grammar study guide you will need to get started. There are activities related to Education, Work and Leisure Time. Every activity (over 75!) you need (with the exception of 4) is linked in. Your prep will be limited to reviewing the lesson plans and sources ahead of your students, but the searching for appropriate authentic materials and creating accompanying activities is already done for you!

I am fortunate to have several textbook resources including Temas, AP Spanish Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination and Avance.  In these lesson plans I make use of these textbooks for 2 out of 75+ activities. But in the few cases that I’ve used these resources in the lesson plans, I have included links to alternatives. However, especially after teaching on-line for a year, I have moved away from relying on textbooks and I create most of the activities myself. This makes these lesson plans very versatile and usable for anyone! For teachers who need or like to teach digitally, all of the activities in this bundle can be assigned via Google Classroom or other learning management system. And almost every activity is also printable for teachers and students who prefer paper copies. Best of all, once you have these activities in your Google Drive, you can edit and adapt anything to suit your needs!

I have been teaching AP Spanish Language and Culture since 2014 and have 23 years of teaching experience. My students have done overwhelmingly well on the AP exam over the years and almost all have earned the scores needed to get college credit, with many receiving 4’s and 5’s.  This course is also taught in cooperation with the University of CT, which provides another way for students to earn college credit!

I start the year with a set of lesson plans designed to last one week.  We do all the paper-passing, signing up for different apps and classrooms, and become comfortable with the course and our classmates. We also present our summer homework.  Next I teach Unit 1: Families in Different Societies. This unit (Unit 5) starts as if all of the beginning of the year “housekeeping” has been done already and logically follows units 1, 2, 3 and 4 where I present all the different tasks of the AP Spanish Exam.  AP teachers are allowed to teach the units in any order they would like, but I recommend that if you plan to use this series of lesson plans, that you go in order, though it is not a necessity if you have your own way of preparing students for the AP Exam. I choose to introduce the AP test open-ended tasks over time so that students are not overwhelmed. By unit 3, they will have learned the purpose, rules and resources for all of the tasks and can spend the last 3 units practicing them some more.

Need an example before you buy? I don’t blame you! Feel free to email me or visit my website’s free resource library. I have a FREE Unit 3 Day 1 lesson plan for the Influences of Beauty and Aesthetics. It will give you a sense of how I organize my daily lesson plans and the quality of my work.

Consider asking your district to buy this product for you!

**Please be sure to buy additional licenses if more than one teacher plans to use this resource.**

Who can use this product?

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture Students

How can I use this product?

  • These unit plans will take you through approx. 2 months of school
  • Teach basics; grammar and vocab
  • Review how to write an Email Reply
  • Practice the Cultural Comparison
  • Practice the Simulated Conversation
  • Practice the multiple choice style questions for reading and listening
  • Think deeply about how our education, employment and leisure time affect our quality of life by using curated articles, podcasts, class discussion, videos, free writing, and more!
  • Formative, Interim and Summative assessments and 2 projects included!

What’s included in this product?

  • Daily lesson plans for 21 school days (modified block: (three 45 min periods and one 90 min period a week) Easily adaptable to any school schedule!
  • A table breaking down how many of each kind of activity in the unit
  • Table of contents with learning objectives for each day
  • 75 + activities
  • Essential questions
  • Vocab list + free quizlet link
  • Study guide for grammar quiz
  • Vocab and Grammar quizzes + answer key
  • 1 Audiovisual presentation related to creating a tourism ad
  • 1 individual project in which students interview adults to gain perspective on how work affects quality of life
  • 11 reading activities
  • 10 writing activities (including diary-style free-writes)
  • 13 speaking activities
  • 13 listening activities
  • 7 activities that combine 2 of the above skills
  • 5 vocab and grammar activities
  • 9 AP Style activities (argumentative essay, simulated conversation and multiple choice reading and listening)
  • 2 formative quizzes
  • 3 interim assessments
  • 2 summative assessments
  • Homework Assignments
  • Answer keys to most activities
  • 169 Google Docs and Google Slides??
  • Curated videos and Edpuzzles all ready to use
  • Teacher notes to further explain certain activities
  • Time built in for holidays or time needed to catch up
  • All parts of this product are Google Docs and Slides, and therefore can be edited so that they are just right for your students!

My other unit plans and AP Test Prep can be found on my website or in my TpT store.

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AP Spanish Unit 5

AP Spanish Lesson Plans Unit 5 Factors That Influence Quality of Life