AP Spanish Exam Unit Review Charts Digital and Printable Versions


AP Spanish Exam Unit Review Charts


AP Spanish teachers, make Back To School a breeze! Plan ahead for review for the AP Spanish Exam! These review charts are working documents in which students can write the essential questions and notes about all the sources you examine in class. You can assign digitally in Google Classroom or print these charts. These attractive graphic organizers make a perfect, personalized study guide for the cultural comparison!

These charts are easily customizable for both teacher and student. There is a colorful version for students who prefer to type. And there is a black and white version for students who prefer paper copies. **And by “live and learn” experience, my students requested a 3rd version, made in Google Docs. (They liked how the typing looked better in Google Docs!) Your students now can use any of the versions!

Assign these in Google Classroom at the beginning of Unit 1. Ask students to save their copy of the review charts, and add to it during the course of each unit. This way, they will have a study guide for each unit’s assessments as we go through the year, and their review for the AP Exam will already be done! This will free up more time for other types of practice and test prep!

Who can use this product?

  • Students preparing for the AP Exam

How can I use this product?

  • Assign this digitally or in print
  • Ask students to fill in essential questions, or do it for them *Essential questions are NOT provided.
  • Ask students to fill in the sources (articles, videos, discussions, etc.) that you examine in class with the important facts from each
  • Use as a way to review cultural aspects of each unit before the AP Exam
  • Use it as a review guide for each unit as you go through the year
  • You decide if this counts for a grade!
  • Add reflection questions or survey questions to get feedback about your units’ activities!

What’s included in this product?

  • 14 Google Slides
  • 12 Google Doc pages
  • 1 slide of teacher notes
  • 1 slide of student instructions (in Spanish)
  • 6 colorful slides (1 for each unit) with space for essential questions and notes
  • 6 black and white slides (1 for each) unit with space for essential question and notes

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AP Spanish Exam Unit Review Charts 

AP Spanish Exam Unit Review Charts Digital and Printable Versions