AP Spanish Exam Review Schedule


AP Spanish Exam: Review Guide


The AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam is coming up soon!  How can you make sure your students are ready?  Take a week to do a full practice of all parts of the exam!  This chart gives suggestions for what students should work on each day of the week in class and at home as they prepare to take the AP Spanish Test. Just edit the number of the activity to fit the source/test prep workbook you use at your school!  Your thinking and planning is done for you!  And don’t forget to assign the Google Forms Quiz that will make sure students understand what is on the exam and how each section will be graded!

Who can use this product?

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture Teachers and Students

How can I use this product?

  • Let students work at their own pace following these guidelines
  • Correct and provide feedback for students as assignments are finished

What’s included in this product?

  • A one-week guide to the kinds of activities students should work on each day in class
  • A one-week guide to the kinds of activities students should work on each night at home
  • A Google Forms Quiz about the set up and grading of the AP Exam
  • Suggestions for where to find test-prep materials (both free and paid)
  • Ideas about how and what to grade
  • Ideas about what to do with students who are not taking the exam

***Besides the Google Forms Quiz, there are NO actual activities in this document.  There are only ideas for which ones you should include in your review, regardless of the source/workbook you utilize to prepare your students.

The pace and type of activity has been thought out for you! Just edit to reflect the test prep resources that you like to use!


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AP Spanish Exam: Review Guide 

AP Spanish Exam Review Schedule