AP Spanish Exam Bundle Open Ended Questions How To Presentations

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How To Tutorials for the open-ended sections of the AP Spanish exam!


Not sure how to teach your AP Spanish students the rules and requirements to the AP Spanish open-ended tasks: Exam Email Reply, Simulated Conversation, Cultural Comparison and Argumentative Essay.? These digital Google Slides are the perfect way to introduce the tasks and to walk them through the do’s and don’ts. Each presentation comes with a Spanish and an English version.

The tutorials concisely break down the Email Reply, the Simulated Conversation, the Argumentative Essay and the Cultural Comparison in an easy-to-understand list of requirements, Do’s and Don’ts, and Helpful Hints. Each presentation also includes information on what skills are being tested in each task and includes the task instructions for students to memorize.  In addition, each presentation comes with a list of helpful vocabulary to use with each task.

Don’t get overwhelmed with how to teach your students about the open-ended parts of the AP Spanish Culture and Language Exam! This bundle is a great deal and a great time-saver!

Who can use this product?

  • Students preparing to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam

How can you use this product?

  • Use this Slides presentation to introduce students to all 4 open-ended tasks on the AP Spanish Exam
  • Give students a concise version of what they need to do to score well
  • Ask students to save this presentation in their Google Drive for future reference
  • Ask students to memorize the directions for each task
  • Ask students to memorize the key phrases included in the google docs

What’s included in this product?

  • 8 Google Slides Presentations (134 total slides)
  • Each of the 4 open-ended task tutorials come with identical Spanish and English versions

AP Spanish Cultural Comparison: How To

AP Spanish E-mail Reply: How To

AP Spanish Simulated Conversation: How To

AP Spanish Argumentative Essay: How To

  • Information on what skills are tested in the E-mail Reply, the Simulated Conversation, the Cultural Comparison and the Argumentative Essay
  • Information on the rules and requirements of each of the 4 tasks
  • Helpful hints for how to budget time
  • Do’s and Don’ts for how to score well on the task
  • 4 google docs that contains Spanish expressions that will be useful for each individual task

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AP Spanish How To Tutorials

AP Spanish Exam Bundle Open Ended Questions How To Presentations

Original price was: $21.00.Current price is: $18.00.