AP Spanish E-mail Reply How To Presentation


A How To Tutorial for the Email Reply portion of the AP Spanish Exam!


Need a starting point for you and your AP students for the Email Reply? This Google Slides presentation will explain to AP Spanish students how to write an excellent E-mail Reply on the AP Spanish Exam.  This digital product is fully editable!  This presentation comes with a Spanish or an English version. 

This slide show is a concise introduction to the purpose and rules and requirements of the AP Spanish E-mail Reply. It will explain what skills are assessed on this task and what the rules, requirements and expectations are. It contains helpful hints on what students should do and should not do to score well. It contains the task instructions so that students may memorize them head of time. Included in this product is a google doc with Spanish expressions that will be particularly helpful on this task.

Who can use this product?

  • Students preparing to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam

How can you use this product?

  • Use this Slides presentation to introduce students to the E-mail Reply Task
  • Give students a concise version of what they need to do to score well
  • Ask students to save this presentation in their Google Drive for future reference
  • Ask students to memorize the directions for this task
  • Ask students to memorize the key phrases included in the google doc

What’s included in this product?

  • 2 identical presentations (1 in Spanish and 1 in English)
  • Information on what skills the E-mail Reply tests
  • Information on the rules and requirements of the E-mail Reply
  • Helpful hints for how to budget time
  • Do’s and Don’ts for how to score well on the task
  • A google doc that contains Spanish expressions that will be useful in this task

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AP Spanish Email Reply How To

AP Spanish E-mail Reply How To Presentation