how to say no politely

Teacher Life: How To Say No Politely

Teacher friends- get ready for a bold opinion. If we want to have a happier teacher life, we need to say NO (politely) a lot more often. For most of my 23 year career, I was under the impression that teachers are martyrs and that we had to work almost all the time. A lot of things starting piling up. The pandemic, my own children getting older (and that saying- bigger kids, bigger problems), and the ever-growing list of things added to our day. Over the years, the exhilaration and joy of coming to work was being lost!

grammar games for Spanish class

5 Grammar Games For Spanish Class

Though there are many Spanish teachers that no longer teach grammar discretely, there are many who do, or do some kind of mixture. If your students need to practice grammar, here is a fun list of grammar games for Spanish class! Students love games and often don’t realize that they’re even learning! Give them a try!

Bell-ringer activities for Spanish class

Bell-Ringer Activities for Spanish Class

How do you start your Spanish classes? This year we have a new school-wide initiative to do bell-ringers, or do-nows, or schema activators or warm-ups… there are so many names for them! Research shows that if you have an academic routine to start each class, it increases time on task and readiness for new learning! If having students self-start each class, while you take attendance, check homework and help the new kid sound good to you, bell-ringer activities for Spanish class are for you!