after the AP Spanish Exam

What to Teach After the AP Spanish Exam

Felicidades! Your students have completed the AP Spanish Exam! All of that time and effort…. but… now what? What do people teach after the AP Spanish Exam? Well, colegas, anything you want!!

Below is a list of fun and interesting things my students have enjoyed- I hope you will find something new to try!

Don Quijote

My district has purchased little readers with shortened, modified versions of the different adventures of don Quijote. I always tell my students that no one should graduate from AP Spanish without being familiar with this widely known story! So, after the AP Spanish Exam is a perfect time to read this!

As work ethic wanes and graduation approaches, I assign chapters to read and comprehension questions to go with it. We have daily reading checks, and that usually helps keep students on track.

But the really fun part comes when I offer students a group project related to don Quijote! They can either create a play or a skit, inventing “the lost chapter” and writing about another adventure, or they can create a modernized chapter about don Quijote attending the prom! These are a lot of fun for students, and best of all- they have a choice in what they want to produce!

Slang Words For After the AP Exam

Every once in a while, my students of all ages will ask how to say bad words. I always tell them they have to make it to AP Spanish before I will teach them any of those! The slang mini-unit I’ve created has mostly every-day, rated G slang words, but there may be a word or 2 that is more of a “bad word”! Though I’m not comfortable teaching students how to curse in Spanish, many quickly realize that if they really want to know some of those words, there are plenty of ways to find them in YouTube videos! But they enjoy learning how to talk more colloquially and how to text with abbreviations in Spanish!

Gallery Walk

Another activity that has produced some high quality work has been this Gallery Walk assignment! I thought of it after I had a class one year that really enjoyed the Art and Aesthetics Unit. In this assignment, students work to create an original piece of art that reflects a theme or a style of a famous Hispanic artist. Students also write about their inspiration and explain their work.

Then we display their work with their writing underneath. You can do this in the classroom, in a hallway, in a conference room, etc. If it were just your students, they could have comment sheets and walk around the “gallery” to view and comment on their classmates’ work.

But it’s really great when you can get other classes involved (for example, other Spanish classes, art classes, even history classes if there is a connection to something political or patriotic in their work)! If I can manage this, I ask my students to write their descriptions in both Spanish and English so the entire audience can appreciate their artistic process. It’s wonderful!

Final Presentation

This assignment works great when you don’t have too much time left. The Final Presentation is an informational one that is accompanied by visuals. Students can choose any topic in the world that is school appropriate!

In the past, we have heard about black holes, exotic home gardens, haunted houses, angel numbers, how to make DIY crafts, and a variety of other things! The variety of topics is astounding and it is so interesting to their peers to hear about what interests each student or what special talent or knowledge they may have.

Another thing I love about this project is that I can point out to my AP students that they have worked so hard and are now proficient enough to talk about just about anything in Spanish! It’s very rewarding for everyone!


If you like these ideas, I hope you can use them with your AP Students! Feel free to use these ideas to create your assignments, but if you would like to just have them done and ready to print or post, here are the assignments I have made! Teacher notes, student instructions and rubrics are all done for you!

AP Spanish End-of-Year Oral Presentation A Student Favorite!

Don Quijote: Group Projects Don Quijote’s Prom skit and “The Next Chapter”

AP Spanish End of Year Art Project and Gallery Walk!

Spanish Slang Bundle! Fun Resources!

AP Spanish End of Year Bundle

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