Using Music in Spanish Class

Using Music in Spanish Class

Music is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance language learning in the world language classroom. We all know that words set to music have a way of working themselves into our long-term memory! And music is a universally human way of expressing ourselves. Teens especially love music, and using music in Spanish class brings joy and happiness! Here are some ways to use music in the classroom!

Using Music In Spanish Class For Listening Comprehension

Play songs in the target language and have students listen for specific words, phrases, or grammar structures. This can help develop their listening comprehension skills. One way to provide support or differentiate is to include a word bank of the missing words. Another way to do this is the print the lyrics to a song. Cut the lyrics up, and ask students to place all of the pieces of lyrics into the right order as they listen to the song!

Build Vocabulary

Use songs to introduce new vocabulary or reinforce previously learned vocabulary. Have students listen to the lyrics and identify new words, then practice using those words in context. You can play a song, and ask students to write down the words they hear! Challenge them to find words related to your current unit! Have you tried You can search for a song or an artist, and it will create a Cloze activity for your students!

Using Music In Spanish Class To Explore Culture

Use music to expose students to the culture of the target language. Play songs from different genres, regions, and time periods to help students understand the diversity of the target culture. You can get students involved by asking them to find songs in certain genres to play for the class. (Be sure to vet them first!!)

Using Music To Practice Grammar

Use songs to reinforce specific grammar concepts, such as verb tenses or sentence structure. Have students identify examples of the grammar concept in the lyrics and practice using the concept in their own sentences. HERE is a link to a list of songs and the grammar they use!

Singing and Speaking Practice

Have students sing along to songs in the target language or perform a lip sync. This can help develop their pronunciation and speaking skills. It is also so fun! Students visually experience joy when singing along to a catchy toon! The outgoing students will dance and fling their arms, and the shyer students will smile and be entertained!

Creative Expression

Have students create their own songs or lyrics in the target language. This can be a fun way to encourage creativity while also reinforcing language skills. Years ago I received a CD with the background music to famous rap songs. Students loved to create their own raps to a beat!

With advanced students, analyze the similes and metaphors in songs. Ask students to identify ways in which songs are like poems!

Overall, using music in the world language classroom can be a fun and effective way to enhance language learning and engage students in the learning process.


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