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AP Spanish Projects

AP Spanish Projects: Part 1

Need some ideas for AP Spanish projects? Assigning projects has so many benefits! When your students complete projects, it often allows you to offer choice to make their learning as personal as possible. It gives flexibility to have students work in groups or alone, depending on the goal. AP Spanish projects offer students a way to showcase their Spanish is a very impressive way!

marry performance and proficiency

Marry Proficiency and Performance With Task Cards

Here are 3 ways to marry proficiency and performance using task cards in Spanish class! When teaching World Language, it is important to acknowledge the difference between proficiency and performance. Proficiency is a person’s overall ability to understand and be understood in the target language. According to ACTFL, there are 4 main stages (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior), and it can take years and years to move through the Intermediate stage. Performance, on the other hand, indicates a person’s ability to perform very specific tasks in the TL. If you need more information on Performance vs Proficiency, read this blog post!