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Activities That Require Movement in Spanish Class

Activities That Require Movement in Spanish Class

Anyone out there consider themselves a “culo inquieto”? Am I allowed to say that on a blog?? 😉 We all have students who need activities that require movement in Spanish class. And we have lots more who like the chance to get out of their seats. I always try to remember these students when I find myself sitting for a meeting that lasts several hours. Our students are asked to sit all day long. So here are some ideas to get students up and out of their seats!

Vocabulary Study Checks in Spanish

Vocabulary Study Checks in Spanish

Does your curriculum require that students memorize vocabulary? Vocabulary study checks in Spanish are a great way to keep your students on track!

I realize that many districts are moving away from vocab lists, prescribed themes and grammar and the like. But I also really do believe that students need to have high frequency words in a place where they can easily access them when needed. Vocabulary study checks are a quick and easy way to make sure students are memorizing key vocabulary.

things I wish I knew about teaching Spanish

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Teaching Spanish

Are you beginning a new career as a high school Spanish teacher? After college and student teaching, I thought I knew what I was getting into! But as the saying goes, “Age before wisdom”! Wow have I learned a lot! And for anyone who thinks they could use the tips you don’t learn in college, here are my top 5 things I wish I knew about teaching Spanish when I started!

AP Spanish Projects

AP Spanish Projects: Part 1

Need some ideas for AP Spanish projects? Assigning projects has so many benefits! When your students complete projects, it often allows you to offer choice to make their learning as personal as possible. It gives flexibility to have students work in groups or alone, depending on the goal. AP Spanish projects offer students a way to showcase their Spanish is a very impressive way!