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AI for Spanish Teachers

AI For Spanish Teachers

Are you already on the AI bandwagon? Artificial Intelligence apps can bring some real creativity into the classroom! I will admit, I am one of those people that is often the last to jump on a trend. I didn’t wear capri pants until they were just about out of style! But I’m willing to explore and try new things when it comes to helping my students learn and engage. So, check out these AI sites for Spanish teachers!

teaching Spanish 3

Tips For Teaching Spanish 3

So you’ve been told that you will be teaching Spanish 3 next year! If this is a new course for you, or if it’s been a while since you’ve taught Year 3, you might be nervous. What should you expect? What do you teach? How do you teach? What should these students be able to do?

I have great news for you! For me, Year 3 is the Best!!! You will love it and I can’t wait to tell you why!

Games for Acquisition

Games For Acquisition

A few months ago, I asked the people on my email list what questions they had. I got a ton of great questions, and the best part was… some I knew the answers to, and it made me feel good! Others I didn’t, and it has helped me become a better, more educated teacher while I learn alongside you! But today’s post is about games for acquisition. There are all kinds of games we can play in WL classrooms, but which ones actually help move the needle when it comes to building proficiency? I’ll share a few today!

What is CI

What Is CI in the World Language Classroom?

In the realm of language learning, educators are constantly seeking new and effective methods to engage students and accelerate their proficiency. One approach that has gained popularity in recent years is Comprehensible Input (CI). This methodology prioritizes understanding over rote memorization, fostering a natural acquisition process, more similar to how we learn our first language. So what is CI in the World Language classroom? Many of you asked. So let’s break it down!

differentiation strategies for Spanish activities

3 Differentiation Strategies for Spanish Activities

Many teachers ask for help with differentiation strategies for Spanish activities. How can we differentiate for all the different needs and levels? It’s hard enough to prepare for the 3 or more preps we teach each day without those differentiations! This blog post will give you some practical and achievable ways to differentiate activities for your Spanish students.