summertime for Spanish teachers

Summertime for Spanish Teachers

What can Spanish teachers do over summer break to keep up or improve their Spanish? But something that doesn’t feel like work? Here are five suggestions for professional learning that will make summertime for Spanish teachers great!

Read in Spanish

I LOVE to read in the summertime! I can finally read more than 5 pages without falling asleep, and I have time to think and enjoy my books. I make a point to read something in Spanish (and often many books in Spanish) but here is my trick! I have certain Spanish authors that I LOVE! Their books are funny and light and the kind that I can read for hours at a time! Another thing I do sometimes is find a translation of a book I’ve read and enjoyed in English. Below are 2 suggestions!


If your budget and schedule allow, take a trip! Start a bucket list of Spanish-speaking countries you would like to visit, and make a point to save and plan! This summer I will be spending several weeks in Spain. In addition to enjoying the weather, beaches and food, I will practice my Spanish, learn new words and hear new slang. I will also take LOTS of pictures that I can use with my students to show them what life is like in Spain!

Learn Online

Have you tried Duolingo yet? I love that site! I have to admit- I’ve never used it to improve my Spanish, but I did spend a summer re-learning my French. And my 12-year old son uses it for Spanish all the time. The nice thing is- it’s broken into small chunks so it’s very easy to find 5-10 minutes every day to go online and do some practice. You can spend much longer if you want too!

Attend a Workshop

This one may sound a little like work….but not if you WANT to be in the workshop! I have gone through every phase of mentality for summertime for Spanish teachers. I went through the phase where I worked another job in the summer. Then I raised my small children all summer. Then the phase where I didn’t want to do ONE SINGLE THING related to school. I’m now in a phase where once I’ve recharged my batteries, I love to learn! In the summer, once I’m rested, my brain functions at its best, and I can enjoy the learning process. Maybe you might find the same thing!

Search the Internet

I get SO MANY great ideas from the Internet. Pinterest is FULL of ideas for decorating your classroom, activities, lesson plans, back to school deals, etc. And in the summer, I have TIME to sit down and scroll! There are also some fabulous blogs and podcasts out there! Search what interests you! Maybe you will discover a funny podcast in Spanish. Perhaps you will find your “person” on a blog post! There are so many things to discover!


There are so many ways to better ourselves during the summer as teachers. Sometimes that means doing nothing at all related to school. Other times, our brains need and want to be fed. Find something that you enjoy doing because you want to do it, not because it’s required. I hope you will have just the right balance this summer between your much needed rest and relaxation, and that insatiable desire to learn that every teacher has in common!


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