Spring Lesson Ideas For Spanish Class

Spring Lesson Ideas for Spanish Class

Spring is almost here in Spanish class! I love taking advantage of the season to do some creative and different activities with my students. Here are four spring lesson ideas for Spanish class!

Spring Festivals in Spain

How about a lesson on spring festivals in Spain? There are so many to choose from! Maybe you’ve been to one yourself? Our students love hearing about real experiences from people they actually know! HERE is a blog post I wrote about some different spring festivals in Spain.

Your students could research and present a spring festival. You could create a visual presentation with text (like in Google Slides) and create some comprehension activities to go with it too!

Spring-Themed Writing

One of my go-to activities is the group writing challenge! I have them for just about any theme- each season, holidays, tenses, etc. I like these challenges because when I have a theme, like spring, I can provide a vocab list of related words. Part of the rubric/instructions can require them to use a certain amount of the new words. This exposes students to words that may fall outside of our normal themes or curriculum. And exposure to new words is never a bad thing!

Spring-Themed Task Cards

Another go-to activity for my students of all levels is open-ended task cards. I have a spring-themed set of 20 scenarios. I support them with related vocabulary, and each day we use a new card. Each student gets to practice presentational speaking while they make up a story for their next door neighbor. When the timer goes off, they switch, and other person gets to tell a story! Students build vocabulary, confidence, fluency, and more! I love this as a warm up!

Spring Word Wall

Another great one on my list of spring lesson ideas for Spanish class is to create a word wall together! As a class, generate a list of words that they associate with spring. You can type them out so they are spelled correctly. Then students can make the actual words, and pictures to support them too! They can do this by hand, or you can have a template ready to go so that you can print all the words out. Your classroom will look beautiful and your students will have a wonderful visual support to help them through the season! *Hint- maybe choose a different class for each season or holiday to do this with, so your word wall isn’t too overwhelming! Being the class that gets to make the word wall could also be a great reward for things like: best teamwork, best homework completion rate, great growth shown, etc.!


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