Spanish Travel Unit

Spanish Travel Unit for Year 2 or 3

Do you have a Spanish Travel Unit in your curriculum? We do, and we combine it with the preterite tense to help students talk about trips they’ve taken in the past. Over the years, I’ve created every resource I need to teach this unit without a textbook! So if you are a) a new teacher with no resources yet b) a teacher without enough resources from their curriculum or c) a teacher who needs some new things to spice up their Travel Unit, this one is for you! Here’s what my Spanish Travel Unit has!

Organization of the Travel Unit

Table of Contents, Activities Chart and Teacher Notes help you get started and see the entire unit outline.

Each daily lesson is laid out in steps, and each activity you need is linked in! This Spanish Travel Unit is so easy to use!

Culture Activities For This Spanish Travel Unit

In addition to a vocab list and grammar notes, there are lots of culture activities that make this travel unit interesting and relevant to students. They will learn about Youth Hostels and about a trip to the beach (Benidorm, Spain.) These are very short presentations by the teacher, accompanied by beautiful images. But then the students take over and do reading, writing, listening and speaking activities to go deeper with their learning.

Travel Unit Assessments

This travel unit is designed to give the teacher and/or students choice. By looking ahead, you can see that you can end the unit with either a speaking assessment or a writing assessment. And you can tailor your class activities a bit the week before to match how they will be assessed! Assessments and study guides for both speaking and writing are included!

Questions About This Travel Unit?

If you want to know more about this Spanish travel unit for Year 2 or 3, here’s how to find out more!


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