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Bienvenidos Spanish Teachers! My intention with this blog is to provide helpful ideas, tips and advice to streamline your day, enjoy your career, and create lessons that keep students interested and engaged in learning!

With 21 years of teaching high school Spanish under my belt (not sure how that happened!), I have experienced so many joys, and also some frustration. My Type A personality affords me many opportunities for personal growth….. letting go of being a control freak, for one! And I have come to understand that being a Type A Teacher also brings some gifts that I may be able to share with others.

Work-life balance has been a struggle for me, as it is for many teachers. There is always more that could be done! One skill I have mastered is the art of squeezing every minute out of my school day! And after our crazy year of teaching during a pandemic, I am committed to having better work-life balance. I am learning to leave school with some of my “To-Do List” unfinished.

I look forward to building a community with this blog, helping other Spanish Teachers on their journeys and learning lots of things from all of you as well!

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Hola! I'm Jamie. I have been teaching high school Spanish for 21 years! I love lesson planning and learning new things to keep my students interested and engaged. I love helping other teachers feel less overwhelmed, and I'm finding in doing so, my own lesson plans and teaching improve! I am working on work-life balance too. My family and friends are most important, but my insatiable curiosity keeps me reading, listening to podcasts and continuing in martial arts training! Welcome to my blog!

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