Spanish Teacher Blog Post Roundup

Spanish Teacher Blog Post Roundup

January is a time when many think “New Year, New Me!”. I’m posting this Spanish Teacher Blog Post Roundup to provide bite-sized Professional Development for those teachers that have a New Years Resolution to “Try Something New”! I hope you find something of interest! Scroll through the headings to find something you want to learn more about!

Work-Life Balance

How To Make the Most of Your Planning Time

Work-Life Balance as a Spanish Teacher

Teacher Life: How To Say No Politely

Getting the Most Out of Your School Day

How To Create Perfect Lesson Plans for Spanish Class

AP Spanish

Building Confidence with AP Spanish Students

How To Teach AP Spanish Students the Cultural Comparison

AP Spanish Email Reply

Argumentative Essay Part 1

Argumentative Essay Part 2

The Simulated Conversation

Building Proficiency

Speaking Activities in Spanish Class: Guided Conversations

Spanish Speaking Proficiency: Class Activities

Reading Skills For the Seal of Biliteracy

Writing Skills For the Seal of Biliteracy

Interpersonal Listening and Speaking Skills for the Seal of Biliteracy


5 Grammar Games for Spanish Class

Escape Rooms for Spanish Class

How To Turn Reading into a Game in Spanish Class

5 Vocab Games for Spanish Class


This Spanish Teacher Blog Post Roundup is a short list of all the different posts I’ve written. If you need more ideas, or something specific that you didn’t find on this page, you can head to my complete list of posts page and search there!

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And when you’re in a time crunch, don’t feel guilty about getting some help! I have a store right on this website with Done For You activities! (One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to add more to this store!) I also have a TPT store with lots and lots of resources that are no prep or low prep! Work-Life Balance is soooo important!!

Spanish Teacher Blog Post Roundup