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Spanish In School Field Trips

At the beginning of my career, field trips were a highlight for students and teachers. As time when on, less field trips were approved, and then Covid hit. After the pandemic, field trips are making a comeback! But what about Spanish In School Field Trips? If you haven’t considered them, keep reading to find out why you should!

Why In School Field Trips for Spanish Class?

There are a variety of reasons why a Spanish In School Field Trip might be appropriate. Here is a short list of benefits:

-They are often less expensive for students than leaving the school

-There is less to organize! (No bus, subs, chaperones)

-There are often lots of grants/scholarships available to cover the cost

-There is less liability for the teacher and school. No worries about losing a kid, bad behavior when there are a small number of adults to handle situations that arise, etc.

Spanish In School Field Trip Companies

Did you know that you can invite a professional company into your school instead of taking your students out of school? There are lots of dance companies and cultural presentations that students are excited to learn about. You can get on a mailing list to see when they might be in the area! Some are interactive and ask students to participate on stage or in the audience!

Classroom Guests

Another kind of Spanish In School Field Trip is to use your “natural resources”! At the beginning of a new school year, I send home a form with my students. I ask parents if they or someone they know (friend or family member) is a Spanish-speaker. Would they be interested in coming to our class to speak about how they use Spanish in their life or job?

This has been a wonderful way to connect with the community and to give students a way to share of themselves and their culture. I have had a grandfather talk about holiday traditions in Peru, a mother who uses Spanish in her social services job, an uncle who works in Cyber Security who talked to my AP Spanish class about his work (it related to career planning and the Science and Technology unit) and more!

Click here to grab my Parent Engagement documents if you are considering inviting a class guest!


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