Spanish Icebreakers Freebie

Spanish Icebreaker Freebie

Back to school can be an exciting time, but sometimes I get an anxious feeling about getting to know you activities. I want to get to know my new students as fast as possible and begin building relationships. I want them to do that with each other as well! But what to do that hasn’t been done 1000 times before? And what if we want to start the year in the target language?

Here is a list of some cool ice breakers you can do with your Spanish students! Click the link and this list of 20 Spanish Icebreakers Freebie will be sent to your email! Print it or keep it on your desktop so you know where to start next year!

Spanish Icebreakers

In this freebie you will find a list of 20 Icebreakers activities that can be done in Spanish or English. And each activity is explained in detail so you can put it into action right away!

I hope that you and your students love these new Icebreaker activities for Spanish class and that you have a wonderful start to the year!

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Spanish Icebreakers Freebie