Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

Let me guess… when you teach Spanish, ALL of your lessons are Spanish Culture Lesson Plans, right?? In an ideal world, our curriculum would be so well-written that all of our lessons in Spanish class would center around Hispanic culture. There are some districts that have this!! Mine does not…. and so I must find ways to incorporate the cultures of the language we’re learning. If you are teaching in a district like mine, read on to learn about the resources I have created for my students to learn both Spanish and some culture and history!

Using Photographs to Create Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

I’m so excited to be able to share my photographs with the world!

Vacation Spanish Culture Lesson Plan

This is a full lesson plan (probably 2-3 days) using photographs from my most recent beach vacation in Benidorm, Spain. Using images, I tell a story, mostly in the past tense, about what our vacation was like. Students see what the dwellings look like, downtown, restaurants, etc. I follow this culture lesson with listening, writing, partner speaking and an extension activity! Students find this presentation engaging because it shows a real family on a real vacation in a real place in Spain!

Start by reading the text to the students while they read along.

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

At the end, check for comprehension with this short listening activity. The teacher will read some True/False statements and some short answer questions.

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

Now ask students to chat with a partner. This slide guides them for what to talk about!

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

Use this writing idea to have them practice grammar while reinforcing the vocabulary! Now you’ve used one culture lesson to practice all four skills! (Reading, writing, listening and speaking!)

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

Have some advanced students? No problema. My activity includes an extension activity for those students! They get to read a short legend about this place and then make up their own version! So fun!

Repeat This Kind of Culture Lesson

My students love these! So I created another one! I follow the same kind of idea; presentation with images and text that I read followed by activities for students to do alone or with a partner. This presentation is about the city of Ávila, Spain, which is famous for it’s mostly intact medieval walls that surround the city! Students love to see this mixture of history and modern life! Try it out!

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

Want To Make Your Own Spanish Culture Lesson?

This first resource is meant for teachers who like to create their own resources and activities, but need real, modern images to help add interest. These are photos of some typical places you see in normal town/small city in Spain. I have put them into a Google Slides presentation so I could explain what they are (though most are obvious). You will see that there is one presentation with English captions and another with the same pictures but with Spanish captions. Teachers may use these images to create their own activities for their students!

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans


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