Spanish Class Valentine's Day Lesson

Spanish Class Valentine’s Day Lesson

Are you the teacher who loves to work every holiday into your lesson plans? Or do you just take a day to do something fun with your students? If you need a Spanish Class Valentine’s Day Lesson for just one day, here is one idea!

I fall into the category of teachers who incorporate holidays into lessons when it’s convenient and fits well. I rarely take more than a day, but it can be a lot of fun for students! In high school, Valentine’s Day can be pretty cringy! Some years I take a day away from normal curriculum to focus on vocab and proficiency, and to have a little fun!

This lesson plan is so easy to create yourself, but if you’re looking for NO PREP, you can check mine out too!

Spanish Class Valentine’s Day Lesson: Step 1

Warm kids up with a turn and talk activity! All you need is a few slides to display and partners or groups of 3! Let kids express their opinions about love and Valentine’s Day in Spanish with prompts like these!

Spanish Class Valentine's Day Lesson

Step 2

Now let’s learn some vocabulary! There are lots of ways to do this, but I chose a digital vocab puzzle. First, digital puzzle pieces NEVER get lost on the floor, so your Spanish Class Valentine’s Day Lesson can be used in each of your classes and every year thereafter! Second, in addition to learning some new vocab, students are also highly engaged and using their problem solving skills.

Here is what my puzzle looks like:

Spanish Class Valentine's Day Lesson

Students can drag, drop and rotate the pieces in order to match up the Spanish and English terms. I’ll link a YouTube video below where I learned how to make this!

Part 3

End this Spanish Class Valentine’s Day Lesson with some listening comprehension disguised as fun music! Pick an upbeat song that has words you know your students will be able to pick out. Copy and paste the lyrics onto a Google Doc. Then, go through and strategically delete some of the words from the lyrics, replacing with a blank. Students will listen to the song and fill in the missing words! (To scaffold or differentiate, add a word bank in the margin with the missing words!)

If you’re lucky, your students will love the song and be willing to sing along once all the words have been filled in.

Think about it…. a FUN Spanish class Valentine’s Day lesson may be JUST what some of your students need on a day that can be full of pressure or sadness! And remember, if YOU need a day without the pressure and sadness of lesson planning, you can get this plan and all the activities done for you right here! Feliz Día de San Valentín!


Spanish Class Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan

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How to make a digital puzzle

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