Spanish Class Seniors

Spanish Class Seniors

How do you celebrate your Spanish Class Seniors at your high school? Don’t you agree that teaching seniors is so bittersweet? They bring with them a depth of knowledge, a sense of humor and usually some maturity. But when the end of the year starts to approach, I get that bittersweet feeling! There’s such pride for their accomplishments! And there’s sadness to know that they are moving on and we won’t see their smiles in our classes or hallways next year!

Still, I believe that it is important to celebrate and acknowledge our seniors. There are lots of ways we can do this, and lots of reasons why too!

Celebrate Senior Accomplishments

One of my very favorite times of the year is when my Spanish class seniors begin to receive their college acceptance letters! Every once in a while, I hear a whoop of excitement as an email is opened and an acceptance is viewed! Other times I make a point to ask what has happened in the past week regarding future plans. Not all of my Spanish class seniors want to go to college, so it’s important to include the ones planning to go to trade school, the military, or right into the work force.

Show Your Spanish Class Seniors You’re Proud!

Each year, as acceptances of all kinds begin to come in, I ask students to share their acceptance letters with me. Sometimes they bring in the original hard copy and I make a photocopy. Other times they are able to email me a PDF and I can print it out. The important thing is to collect as many acceptances of any kind in hard copy format!

Then we make a bulletin board!

Spanish Class Seniors

I print out each of my Spanish class seniors names and add their acceptances. I explain in big print in the middle of the board what we are celebrating!

This public acknowledgement makes the seniors feel great! And equally as important, it allows all the underclassman to get a glimpse into their future! Sometimes the finish line can seem so far away to a freshman or sophomore. Why do they need to work hard for four years??? But ALL of my students take a big interest in this board each year!

It’s so easy to make one for yourself, but if you want a done for you version- HERE is mine! All you have to do is add in your Spanish class senior names and print! (Then get a student aide to help you make the board!)


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