How to decorate Spanish Class

3 Ways to Decorate Your Spanish Classroom

Looking for ways to spice up your Spanish classroom? I notice that every time fall rolls around, I am once again excited to change my classroom from hospital room (i.e.. blah concrete walls) to vibrant Spanish classroom! Here are 3 ways to decorate your Spanish Classroom!

  1. Use your own photography!

Most of us Spanish teachers have studied abroad or done some traveling. Have you considered finding some of your cool shots and getting them printed out? 8 x 10 shots are a great way to make a bulletin board! I look for deals at local drug stores or the online photo storage sites and order prints when they offer a sale!

Even an image like this to show students what houses look like in Spain can be both interesting and beautiful!

2. Turn your clock into a Flower!

Number 2 of my 3 ways to decorate your Spanish classroom is to hang things that help students use the target language. One idea I found years ago on Pinterest was to make my wall clock into a flower. I cut out 12 petals and wrote the Spanish number on the petal. Es la una, Son las dos, etc. On the stem, I wrote the question “¿Qué hora es?“. On the leaves I wrote “menos cuarto and y cuarto”. It was a colorful and helpful way to brighten the room!

3. Display Expressions Posters!

My last idea is to display colorful posters that invite students to use the target language in a fun way! I use these Expression of the Week posters in my room. I print them out and laminate them. Each week I post a new poster on the whiteboard in front of my room, and I pose a challenge to all of my students to find a way to use it in their work. I often offer a small prize, like a few extra points or a free homework, or pick something from my prize box! This is great because these expressions are not always found in our vocab lists and curriculum, but they help students develop a broader range of vocabulary and cultural understanding!

I have these posters already made if you would like to take a look! There are 40 different expressions, each containing the translation and an example of how to use it or an explanation for how/why it’s used. There are 2 different color schemes and also a black and white version for those that don’t have access to a color printer! Check them out here!

Happy decorating everyone!

How to decorate Spanish Class