outside activities for Spanish class

Spanish Class Activities for Outside

Do you take your Spanish students outside to learn? Students are thrilled when they have the chance to do Spanish class activities for outside! If you’ve never tried it, here are some ideas for what you can do outside with your Spanish students and still have a productive class!

Group Work

As long as everyone has something like a book or a folder underneath their paper, doing a group challenge of some sort is a great activity for outside! Essentially, you’re doing the same thing you would do in your classroom, but just outside!

A change of scenery is a welcome event for high school students, and when you explain that you can only take them outside again if today goes well, usually, students will do good work!

I like to do group writing challenges with my students. The task is challenging, you can assign tasks (like the person who checks the rubric to make sure they’ve included everything) and they need each other to produce a quality product! Here is an example of one of the group challenges my students do!

Chalk The Parking Lot

Working on numbers? Take your Spanish students outside and ask them to spell out the numbers in the parking spots!

What about asking students to draw a picture on the pavement and label the parts? Or, they can write thank you messages during Teacher Appreciation Week! Pictionary! Set up several teams of kids and give them cards with vocab from the unit they’re working on! There are so many fun things you can do with chalk and pavement!

Scavenger Hunt

Another of my favorite Spanish class activities for outside is a scavenger hunt. Instead of looking for physical objects, students are looking for answers. If you have the time to set this up, it will be a hit! Find an outside area of your school building with wall space. Hang up paper sheets with answers in that area. Make sure your students understand where they are allowed to be! Prepare the question sheet, and then take your students outside to find the answers! Think of a cool prize to make it even more fun! Just make sure that your class is far away from the windows of any indoor classes!


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