Presentation Rules Freebie!

Presentation Rules for Spanish Class

Have you noticed that your AP Spanish students don’t know how to make a good presentation?

Are they reading the screen?

Have they written everything down?

Do their images need improvement?

Be proactive! Give them this handout resource (digital or print) about the Do’s and Don’ts of making a GREAT oral presentation accompanied by visuals. These handouts have a Spanish and an English version!

Get yours free by clicking this link!

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Hola! I'm Jamie. I have been teaching high school Spanish for 21 years! I love lesson planning and learning new things to keep my students interested and engaged. I love helping other teachers feel less overwhelmed, and I'm finding in doing so, my own lesson plans and teaching improve! I am working on work-life balance too. My family and friends are most important, but my insatiable curiosity keeps me reading, listening to podcasts and continuing in martial arts training! Welcome to my blog!

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