It’s primavera, profes!  

Could you use some awesome new resources to get you through to the end of the year?  We got you covered! These 11 Spanish teacher-authors have gotten together to bring you amazing resources totaling over $60 in value- for FREE!

12 Free Spanish Activities!

Here’s what you’ll get!

  • Integrated Listening & Speaking Activity: Food & Restaurants from Specialty Spanish
  • Spanish Professions Digital Escape Room from Angie Torre
  • Spanish Trashketball Activity from La Señora Eller
  • Spanish-speaking Country Games Activites from La Señora Q
  • Conversation Starters from La Profesora Inspiradora
  • Spring Lotería Games by La Profe Zulita
  • Level 1 or 2 Readings about Costa Rica and Cuba from  Adventures in Heritage Teaching
  • Summer Color By Number Pages by The Island Teacher
  • Metro Travel Lesson by Esteem Learning
  • Todo sobre mi Project by Kosmik Teaching
  • Collaborative Poster by La Profe Plotts
  • AP Spanish End of Year Art Project & Gallery Walk from Specialty Spanish

Click the link for each activity that you could use now or in the future!  They’re free! But only until Saturday, May 20th, so don’t wait!

HERE are Your 12 Free Resources!


Hola! I'm Jamie. I have been teaching high school Spanish for 21 years! I love lesson planning and learning new things to keep my students interested and engaged. I love helping other teachers feel less overwhelmed, and I'm finding in doing so, my own lesson plans and teaching improve! I am working on work-life balance too. My family and friends are most important, but my insatiable curiosity keeps me reading, listening to podcasts and continuing in martial arts training! Welcome to my blog!

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