Parent Night in Spanish Class

Parent Night in Spanish Class: Make it Great!

Is Parent Night at your school your favorite or most dreaded evening??

To be honest, going into it each year, I tell myself that I dread it. Why? Well, because I know that I have a very short time to make a good impression. And I know that every other teacher in the building is trying to do the same. How can I set myself apart?? How can I avoid being THE MOST BORING teacher the parents hear from that night??

Don’t worry! I have just the thing for you!!

Interactive Parent Night Presentation

Here are some truths:

-Parents get overwhelmed with handouts, especially wordy syllabuses that they will never read.

-Parents are tired. They have rushed from work to school, and sometimes have younger children in tow.

-Parents get bored as easily as do students!

What’s the solution to a GREAT Parent Night???

Create an INTERACTIVE presentation for parents/guardians! There are several ways to do this. First, create a google slides presentation. Think about what you want parents to know about your course and about you. Now figure out ways you can present that information, but ask them a question about it.

For example, create a slide that lists the themes your course covers. Now, use Pear Deck (a free add-on) to make it interactive! You can ask parents to choose the topic that most interests them, or the one that seems the most boring. You could ask them what kind of project would be fun to do about that topic. Each parent can vote or write their answer, making parent night FUN!

Now maybe you want to tell them about your grading policy. Make a slide with the most important information. Then on the next slide, ask a True/False question. (True or False: Students can re-do major assessments.)

NOTHING motivates adults like telling them that they have a quiz! The range of emotions that pass on their faces is so comical! You see the Eager Emilys, the Scared Scotts, the Angry Aarons, etc. And THAT serves as a great point to bring up at the end…. remind the adults that our students feel this same range of emotions when they are being tested. Everyone feels some sort of emotion because EVERYONE wants to do well and please (themselves, their teacher, their parents). High school students have lots of assessments, and some students therefore experience lots of anxiety. Teachers and parents need to remember that and find the balance between keeping expectations high and mental health at the forefront. A great Parent Night let’s the parents/guardians know that you care about their children as people, and that they are not just bodies in a chair.

There are other methods of making your presentation interactive.

We used to have a system of hand-held clickers that communicated with the SmartBoard. And if you’re not into some of the newer technologies- just pause and ask questions! Call on the parents/adults and ask them the question that goes along with the slide!

If this idea sounds good to you, but you’re not sure how to create it, feel free to use my version here! It’s completely editable, so you can tailor the slides to your class and your curriculum. You can even make multiple copies if you teach more than one level of Spanish! Your Parent Night is sure to be a success by keeping your audience engaged and informed!

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