Midterm Exam Review for Spanish Class

Midterm Exam Review for Spanish Class

It’s getting close to midterm exam time! What’s the best way to have an engaging midterm exam review for Spanish class? Cater to your students- what engages them? Here are some ideas!

Stations Midterm Exam Review

One way to keep students engaged is to let them know that they need to complete an activity at each station. This review idea needs a good amount of time to prep, so start early! But, the benefit of using stations is that you can target all kinds of specific content and modes. And once you’ve designed your stations, you can use them every year!

First decide how many stations you want to have. This could be based on either your number of students or on your number of different things you want them to review.

Next plan out what students will do at each station. The tricky part is trying to get each activity to take about the same amount of time as the others.

Create areas in the room for each station. Break students into groups (2-4 works best for me) and explain how they will move through the stations. Asking students to get up and move will really add interest to the review, even if some of them moan and groan!

Choice Board Midterm Review for Spanish Class

Have you used choice boards yet? They provide a culturally responsive teaching technique for diverse learners, and of course, they provide choice!

Create something like a Google Doc or Google Slide with a board of 4 x 4 or however many boxes you want. In each box is a clickable link to an activity that you have chosen or designed yourself. You give instructions for how many activities in the choice box students must complete.

If there are things that you know your students MUST review, you will need to be clever in your design. Perhaps the instructions say that they must connect 4 (across, vertical or diagonal) activities in the choice board, and the way you design the activities ensures that they get the practice you need them to have in each mode.

Hint! Re-use activities you’ve done earlier in the year! On the off chance students remember the activity, it still helps them to do it again!

Use Games for Midterm Review for Spanish Class

No matter how old your students are, they all love games! And if you spice it up with a prize of some sort- you have high engagement! (By the way- the prizes don’t have to cost you money! A free homework pass, a sit where you want day, etc. are all worth playing for in a teen’s eyes!)

Here are 2 of my students’ favorite games:

The Unfair Game: I have a game board template. It projects on my Smartboard, and students are in groups of 4. Each team gets a chance to answer a question. If they get it right, they can either keep or pass the points that will show up on the next slide. If they get it wrong, they MUST keep the points. The “Unfair” part is that sometimes the points are negative! So, if a team gets their question right, and they learn that it’s worth -20, they can give that away to another team!

Golf: Another game that I have a template for that projects on my smartboard. Students are in groups of 4, and each member of the group is competing against the others. I show a question. Students write down their answers, and then grab a number from the center of the table. The first person to answer takes the 1, the second person takes the 2, etc. Then I show the right answer. If they have gotten their answer correct, they record the number of the paper they took. If they got it wrong, they record a 5.

In golf, the lowest score wins!

How do you review for midterms? I’d love to hear!


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