how to pace AP Spanish projects

How To Pace AP Spanish Projects

Your AP Spanish students have a project. You’ve worked hard, either on creating the project or on finding a great project for the students, and now it’s time to get to work. So here’s what to know about how to pace AP Spanish projects so that students produce their best work!

Don’t Make My Mistakes

I didn’t know how to pace AP Spanish projects. I was doing great at creating the projects, but I wasn’t always happy with the final products! When given time in class or at home to work on their projects, students often floundered and didn’t make good use of their time! So putting some guideposts in place helped students stay on track and increased the quality of their work!

First Step For How To Pace AP Spanish Projects

Go over the instructions in class. I pass out a paper version and I post the instructions in Google Classroom. During this time, be sure to:

-set an objective for the project (Ex: if they are creating a tourism ad, their objective is to convince their audience that their tourist destination cannot be missed!)

-give students a copy of the rubric

-give time for students to read through the project instructions and rubric

-ask students to answer basic questions (Ex: Which section of the project is worth the most points? Which parts are graded individually and which are graded as a group? What must be in your presentation in order to receive a grade?) It’s a simple way to make sure they have actually read and understood the requirements.

Step 2 for How To Pace AP Spanish Projects

Next create a timeline. Hopefully you have included the due date on the project instructions. From there, create a document that tells students what days they will have in class to work on their project and suggestions for what days they may choose to work on it on their own (nights they may not have other homework for Spanish class.)

Break your timeline down by days. Create a checklist of what should be accomplished during that work session. Here is an example of one of my pacing guides.

How to pace AP Spanish projects

Last Step To How To Pace AP Spanish Projects

Here are my last few tips that I have found helpful over the years!

-collect phones! I know this is a very controversial subject. I am grateful to work in a district where nearly every student has a phone. I have a wooden caddy. Every day, not just project days, I walk around and collect the phones while they do their bell ringer activity. I cannot express what a HUGE difference creating this routine has had on my classes and our relationships.

How to pace AP Spanish projects
My phone caddy!

-tell students at the beginning of each work session that they will have to show you what they accomplished during that time. Check in with them before class ends. (You will have to figure out how much time you will need for these check-ins.) Sometimes I call them up to me. Sometimes I check in by messaging them on GoGuardian. Sometimes I circulate the room and check in.

-If/when necessary, assign a participation grade based on their work during class.


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