How to manage multiple preps

How To Manage Multiple Preps

One of the hallmarks of being a World Language teacher is that we often have more preps than your average high school teacher. Even with contract language to protect us, we work in a very niche area, and it’s not uncommon to have 2, 3, 4 or even 5 preps! So, how to manage multiple preps and still be a good teacher?

Tip #1

Before I say it, if this doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it! My type A personality feels that it’s the lesser of two evils, and I start planning before school starts. But whenever you use time to do this, be it the last week of summer or staying late during the first few weeks of school, the only thing that keeps me afloat with multiple preps is always being a week ahead with my planning. Invest the time to start ahead of the curve!

How To Manage Multiple Preps: Tip #2

Create templates for the activities that students really like. For example, if they like the Magic 6’s game, create a template. Then, each time you want to use it with a class, you fill in the content without wasting time on formatting the instructions and all that! You can do the same with a daily agenda, with partner work, etc. It saves a lot of time in the long run!

Tip #3

Create a planning routine. Even for the Type B or Type C teachers out there, I say that having a routine for planning is the only thing that will keep you sane if you have multiple preps!! Assuming you were able to create a week’s worth of lesson plans before school started, you can keep up with planning in the same way. I have a whole post about this, which I will link HERE, but essentially, this is mine. On Wednesday, I write my lesson plans for a whole week for each prep. I start creating the activities that my lesson plan calls for. On Thursday, I finish creating anything I don’t already have. And on Friday, I make copies and/or post things for the coming week. That leaves Monday and Tuesday for correcting and all other tasks that I do during planning.

Tip #4 For How To Manage Multiple Preps

There are days and times when an activity you have planned for one class could be good for any class at all! Here is one example: Busy Pictures! Google “Busy Pictures for World Language” and you will find a treasure trove of pictures that have lots of detail. Make a quick slide show of these pictures, and display them in class. Get students talking or writing! They can do this in pairs, in groups or alone. These pictures work for different years but also for different languages for those of us who teach 2 or more languages! It’s easy to adjust the kinds of questions we ask or the tasks we ask students to do. For example, if we use this picture below, we could ask Year 1 students to name objects. We could ask Year 2 students to make up names and use short sentences to say what different people are doing. Maybe one class will use the present tense and a different class will make inferences about the people in the picture. The possibilities are endless, but the work involved in a lesson plan like this is not!

Tip #5

My last tip for how to manage multiple preps is to think ahead. Admittedly, this tip may not help you get through THIS year, but you will have SUCH a better year next year! Use Google Docs, Slides, Forms, etc. to create your activities. Link each of these activities into your lesson plans, and be sure to file your lesson plans in your Google Drive in a logical way.

Next year, when you are assigned to teach the same courses, you have a really great starting point! I edit and change and add and delete things every year, but there are lots of good things that I have already created in the past! I have far less to create and plan when I open last year’s unit plans, and it saves me SO much time! 1. I have lesson plans made, and all I need to do is revise. 2. I have activities made, and all I have to do is revise. 3. I am not wasting time searching for those activities I know I made, because they’re linked right into my lesson plans! Grab my lesson plan outlines in the Free Resource Library!

How To Manage Multiple Preps


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How to manage multiple preps