future tense activity ideas for Spanish class

Future Tense Spanish Reading and Speaking Activities

Last month we took a look at Future Tense Activities for Spanish class with Listening and Writing. Today let’s look at Future Tense Spanish reading and speaking activities so we can hit all 4 modes of communication! The future tense is one of the fan favorites! We use it in the context of growing up and becoming an adult, and our students really find this unit exciting!

Future Tense Spanish Reading Activities

One of the first ways you can use a reading activity with the future tense is to replace a traditional grammar lesson. Write something for your students with vocabulary they’re familiar with in the future tense. Ask students to read and notice what is different about the way verbs are conjugated. Add key words like “en el futuro” and “eventualmente”. Then ask them some higher order thinking questions where they will analyze and come to some conclusions! Together you can write the notes or rules to form the future tense!

Another idea that will engage your teens is to write some dating profiles! Person A is looking for their perfect match! Describe the person and their future goals. Then describe 3 potential dates for this person and their future plans. The comprehension questions can be things like: Who does Person A have the most/least in common with? Who’s future goals are most similar? Which person will be the most successful and why? The options are endless! But students love to play matchmaker so this will be a really fun activity for them!

Future Tense Spanish Speaking Activities

Have you ever had your class help you make the activity? Here’s one way! Have students choose a picture. It could be one of their own or one they find on the internet. Then they record themselves talking about what will happen in the future. They submit both the picture and their recording to you. Then, you make several short activities. 5 pictures and 5 recordings, and the students must match the picture to the recording! (Now you also have a listening activity!)

How about using professions? Perhaps you could create several cards with professions on them. For students who need scaffolding, you might include verbs that this profession will do. Students have a card, and they have to tell classmates what they will do in their future job. Classmates guess the profession!

Let’s not forget our ILS activities (listen and respond) because we see those kinds of tasks on Seal of Biliteracy and AP exams. You can record a prompt (or several) that require the use of the future tense in the response. Students listen to each prompt and record their responses!

There are so many ways we can make our classes fun, engaging and “real life” for our students! I hope you have a great time with the future tense!


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