ILS Food and Restaurants

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ILS Food and Restaurants

Ask any high school Spanish student what their least favorite part of Spanish class is. They will all tell you they HATE having to record themselves speaking!

But after struggling with this issue, having poor completion rates on practices and fall benchmarks, I have found the answer!

We just keep assigning these kinds of activities!

Students need time to overcome their fear of speaking and recording. Normalizing these activities is the cure for avoidance! When students know what to expect, when they’re familiar with the format, they will begin to buy in.

So get started! These ILS (Integrated Listening and Speaking activities are scaffolded in 2 ways to support student success.

-There are 2 activity sets; each with 5 prompts. The second set is more challenging than the first.

-All of the listening prompts are related to the same theme (food and restaurants). That helps students build confidence because they have an idea about what to expect!

Best of all, these activities are great for interpersonal speaking and they mimic the AAPPL and AVANT tests for the Seal of Biliteracy!

ILS Food and Restaurants