Fall Spanish Activities

Fall Spanish Activities

Looking for ideas for Fall Spanish activities for you high school students? Sometimes we can get bogged down in the required curriculum, and we lose the opportunity to increase proficiency overall when we don’t take advantage of other ways to engage our students! By using the 4 seasons, we can offer a variety of cultural and linguistic opportunities that feel FUN for our students!

Fall Spanish Activities for Writing

We don’t need to lose track of the skills we’re trying to build! For example, try this group writing idea! Provide a choice between 2 themes, both related to fall. Each group of 4 will choose their theme and write about it. You provide other parameters, like the time frame and/or other areas of skill you want students to focus on. Provide a vocab list of common words they might need with their theme. Make it a competition by providing a prize! (Most creative, best teamwork, most required elements incorporated, etc.)

Here is what mine looks like!

Fall Spanish Writing Activity

Fall Spanish Activities for Speaking

Open-ended task cards are where it’s at!! I cannot say enough about what using these as my daily warm-up has done for my students’ ability to speak on the fly, for raising their confidence and raising their fluency.

I have made lots of “decks” of task cards, all by themes. Fall is one of my themes. I display one task card on my Smartboard each class, and set a timer. Each partner has 2 minutes to follow the prompt and make up a little story. After 2 minutes, it’s the other person’s turn.

Here is one of my Fall-themed task cards!

Fall Spanish Speaking Activity

There are so many variation to this! Sometimes I print them, and each student has a different card. Sometimes I ask students to write instead of speak. The possibilities are endless!

Fall Spanish Activities for Listening

I found this great YouTube video that gives students some helpful hints for starting a new school year. It’s the typical habits of mind, like being organized, having and open mind, etc. But I took that video and created my own Edpuzzle with it, and also a set of open-ended questions for my students who need more challenge.

This video is perfect to show in the fall as we are getting settled into a new school year! It’s short and comprehensible, and has a practical purpose for our students too!

Fall Spanish Listening Activity


Spanish Writing Prompts for Fall: Group Challenge!

Spanish Task Cards for Fall Speaking and Writing

Spanish Back To School Authentic Listening Comprehension Activity


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