end of year fun n Spanish class

End of Year Fun in Spanish Class

Colegas, this will be a short post because if you’ve Googled this topic, it’s the end of the year and you’re tired!

Here are a list of activities for End of the Year FUN in Spanish class!


Escape Rooms: Students Work in teams to solve clues. Each clue opens up the next clue. They solve a mystery or a problem! SO much fun! If you’re creative and have the time, they can find the final clue somewhere in your school!

Check this one out! It takes the students throughout Spain to find Leo Messi’s cleats and jersey! This is my favorite end of year fun for Spanish class!


My students LOVE learning slang. A lot of them say that we don’t teach the same Spanish they hear at home or in their communities. This is the perfect time to do an informal cultural comparison. What slang words do we have in English that might differ from one region to another? One age group to another?

Here are some activities about slang from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world!

These activities work great with a sub too! If you need some end of year fun for Spanish class while you’re not there, try these!


All Students: Ask them to fill out an “All About My Teacher” activity! Students can do this in Spanish or English, depending on their level. They use this template, and they answer questions like: If my teacher were a car, she would be a ____ because _____.

I let students pick any teacher in the district! And if I know that teacher is still in the district, I forward these to them. It brings them such joy to be remembered and thought of!

Presentations: My AP students do a presentation about ANYTHING they want! It must have a visual to go with it (Google Slides) and they are very short. But the topics are amazingly creative: Black Holes, My Garden, ASMR, 5 DIY Projects For Things You Need, Haunted Houses, etc. etc. The presenters AND the audience love these!


Are you Teacher Tired? You can get all of these activities in my Website Shop, already done for you!

AP Spanish End-of-Year Oral Presentation A Student Favorite!

Spanish Culture Spanish/English Digital Escape Room

Slang from Puerto Rico: Video and Viewing Guide with Edpuzzle! Fun!

Spanish Slang: Learn 20 Words! Video and Edpuzzle! Fun!

Spanish Texting: Videos and Interactive Drag and Drop Activity! Fun!

Spanish/English All About My Teacher Fill in the Blank End of Year Activity

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end of year fun n Spanish class