Edpuzzle for Spanish class

Edpuzzle For Spanish Class: How and Why!

Wondering how to create an Edpuzzle for Spanish class? It’s easier than you think! Edpuzzle is a website that allows you to upload videos (from the internet or ones that you create) and then add questions. The questions are inserted into specific spots in the video, so it pauses while the student answers the question! You can create multiple choice questions or you can create open-ended questions.

Why Do Teachers Love To Create An Edpuzzle for Spanish Class?

  1. You can find authentic listening activities for your students that are supported with visuals
  2. You can decide if you want students to see subtitles
  3. You can create your own questions
  4. Questions can be inserted strategically to help students understand better
  5. Students can reply certain sections of the video if they missed the answer
  6. Multiple choice questions self-correct!
  7. Open-ended questions may also be asked
  8. Edpuzzle connects to Google Classroom and makes it easy to post assignments there!
  9. Edpuzzles can be counted as a grade or a practice
  10. They make a great sub plan! Students don’t really need teacher help to complete them, and it’s easy to tell if a student completed their work!

How To Create an Edpuzzle: Option A

The EASIEST way to create an Edpuzzle ….

  1. Create an account with Edpuzzle. It’s free for educators!
  2. Use their search bar. Let’s say you want your students to practice reflexive verbs. If you type in “Spanish reflexive verbs”, a number of videos will pop up.
  3. Curate and select one that you like for your students. It will have been created by another teacher.
  4. If you like the video and the questions the teacher author created, you can assign it to your class as is!
  5. You can also click the “copy” button. This will add the video to “your content”, making t easier to find. Click edit and you can add, delete and edit the questions from the original author!
  6. **If you use Google Classroom, don’t forget to add and sync your classes. When you have an Edpuzzle ready for your students, click “assign”. Now you will select the classes that you want to do this activity, select a start and end date, and a few other options too!

How To Create an Edpuzzle For Spanish Class: Option B

Let’s say you want to create your own video. It’s flu season, and you have a lot of students absent for multiple days. You’re teaching the reflexive verbs, and a lot of students are missing instruction.

  1. Create your own instructional video. (If you were a teacher during our pandemic, you probably know how to do this! I use Screencastify, a video creating program free to educators, and I show my screen. I make sure the notes I want students to have are showing on my screen, and I use them to give a verbal explanation of how we conjugate reflexive verbs.)
  2. Save and title your video before you download it to your computer.
  3. Head to Edpuzzle. At the top, click the blue button that says “Add Content” and then select “Upload video”.
  4. Choose a file (your video) It may take a while to upload.
  5. Once your video is uploaded, click on it. Then click the “Edit” button at the top.
  6. Now you can cut the video if you want to remove certain parts.
  7. If you click “play”, you can pause the video where you want to insert a question. At the top you will see the cut, voiceover and question tabs. Click on the one you want to modify your video!
  8. Last, click “finish”! Now you can assign this to your students!

Last Notes

You can save your work in folders to make videos easier to find next year. You can share videos you create with your colleagues. Finally, you can also find videos on YouTube that you did not create, and upload them to Edpuzzle and add your own questions! Edpuzzle is such a great benefit to teachers and students! I love it!


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