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Using Task Cards in Spanish Class

Using Task Cards in Spanish Class

I’m not sure how I never knew about these before, but Situational Task Cards have changed my life as a Spanish Teacher!!! Situational task cards are a set of scenarios that are all related to the same theme. Each scenario is slightly different, and they can be used MULTIPLE times in the same unit for speaking, writing and assessment. I LOVE when I can create something once and use it over and over- it saves so much time in planning and copying or posting! Here are some of the ways I am using task cards in my Spanish classes!

Spanish Class Winter Themed Writing Activities

Spanish Class Winter Themed Writing Ideas

Do you struggle with motivating your students to write more and to write more creatively? Need a fresh approach to presentational or interpersonal writing? Drowning in correcting, but you know that your students need feedback before their big assessment? This blog post is for you! Find 5 ways to create Spanish class winter-themed writing activities for your students!