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Spanish Listening and Speaking Activities

Spanish Listening and Speaking

Are you doing Integrated Spanish Listening and Speaking Activities in your Spanish classes this year? Embarrassing fact: I was NOT doing a lot of that with my students in the recent past. But now that my school offers the Seal of Biliteracy, my students need practice with the ILS, or Integrated Speaking and Listening activity. So as all teachers do, I learned and adapted. Hopefully I can help you learn to create these activities too!

Spanish Speaking Proficiency

Spanish Speaking Proficiency: Class Activities

How do you help your students build Spanish speaking proficiency in class? Do you feel lost and unsure about how to do it? I did too! But it turns out that there is no big secret or mystery. It’s about giving students the right kind of opportunities to practice, the scaffolds they need to feel confident, and the feedback necessary to make corrections or improvements!

speaking activities guided conversations

Speaking Activities in Spanish Class: Guided Conversations

We all want our students to improve in their ability to speak Spanish and participate in conversations. However, I was noticing that my students really struggled with conversing. Assuming that you’ve built a good class culture and students feel willing to take risks with their classmates, what they need next is some scaffolding to increase their chances for success! I use Guided Conversations!