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Boom Cards For Spanish Class

Boom Cards For Spanish Class

Have you tried Boom Cards for Spanish class yet? They are an amazing tool to add to your toolbox of ways to keep your Spanish students engaged in their learning! With a FREE teacher account, you can browse the library of activities, download free activities and create your own too! With a paid version, you can track student progress and completion. For years, I just had the free account, and I only switched to a paid account to be able to sell some of the activities I created.

Edpuzzle for Spanish class

Edpuzzle For Spanish Class: How and Why!

Wondering how to create an Edpuzzle for Spanish class? It’s easier than you think! Edpuzzle is a website that allows you to upload videos (from the internet or ones that you create) and then add questions. The questions are inserted into specific spots in the video, so it pauses while the student answers the question! You can create multiple choice questions or you can create open-ended questions.