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The Argumentative Essay on the AP Spanish Exam: Part 1

Argumentative Essay

The Argumentative Essay on the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam is “arguably” on of the most difficult tasks. It is the open-ended section that takes the most time. It really challenges students to demonstrate excellent reading and listening comprehension as well as their vocabulary and grammar. But it also requires some specific knowledge of good writing skills and how to include specific requirements that AP Scorers are looking for.

group work

How To Encourage Group Work in Spanish Class

Problem: You want your high school (or middle school) students to work together, but….. it’s not as collaborative as you had hoped.
Solution: By the end of this blog post, you will have several ideas to try out with your students!
Working in groups is important for many reasons! In the language classroom, one of our major objectives is communication! We also know that working with a peer leads to better understanding for many of our students.

How To Make the Most of Our Planning Time

How To Make the Most of Your Planning Time

Secondary Spanish teachers get about 45 minutes of planning time a day. It’s never enough!!! So many teachers spend HOURS outside of the school day working. Who do you know that can respond to emails, fill out PPT forms, plan, copy, correct, return phone calls and maybe, just MAYBE even go to the bathroom in 45 minutes??
Read on to find out how to Manage Your Time instead of your tasks managing YOU!