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Bell-ringer activities for Spanish class

Bell-Ringer Activities for Spanish Class

How do you start your Spanish classes? This year we have a new school-wide initiative to do bell-ringers, or do-nows, or schema activators or warm-ups… there are so many names for them! Research shows that if you have an academic routine to start each class, it increases time on task and readiness for new learning! If having students self-start each class, while you take attendance, check homework and help the new kid sound good to you, bell-ringer activities for Spanish class are for you!

Argumentative Essay

The Argumentative Essay on the AP Spanish Exam: Part 1

The Argumentative Essay on the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam is “arguably” on of the most difficult tasks. It is the open-ended section that takes the most time. It really challenges students to demonstrate excellent reading and listening comprehension as well as their vocabulary and grammar. But it also requires some specific knowledge of good writing skills and how to include specific requirements that AP Scorers are looking for.

group work

How To Encourage Group Work in Spanish Class

Problem: You want your high school (or middle school) students to work together, but….. it’s not as collaborative as you had hoped.
Solution: By the end of this blog post, you will have several ideas to try out with your students!
Working in groups is important for many reasons! In the language classroom, one of our major objectives is communication! We also know that working with a peer leads to better understanding for many of our students.