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día de los muertos activity

Día de los muertos Activity

One of our favorite things to do in Fall is a Día de los muertos activity! This holiday highlights both similarities and differences between cultures, and it’s colorful and interesting to our Spanish students. I could spend a whole week exploring this holiday and it’s significance, but unfortunately, my district is pretty strict with timelines for our curriculum. So this post has a suggestion for a short way to acknowledge Día de los muertos without getting totally off track!

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

Spanish Culture Lesson Plans

Let me guess… when you teach Spanish, ALL of your lessons are Spanish Culture Lesson Plans, right?? In an ideal world, our curriculum would be so well-written that all of our lessons in Spanish class would center around Hispanic culture. There are some districts that have this!! Mine does not…. and so I must find ways to incorporate the cultures of the language we’re learning. If you are teaching in a district like mine, read on to learn about the resources I have created for my students to learn both Spanish and some culture and history!