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christmas traditions of the Spanish-speaking world

Christmas Traditions of the Spanish-Speaking World

As the holiday season approaches, it can be a lot of fun to teach our Spanish students about the Christmas traditions of the Spanish-speaking world. It’s a great opportunity for some cultural comparisons! The AP Spanish Exam has a section where students make an oral cultural comparison, but why should we wait until their last year? Even if you live in an area where Christmas is not a big thing in your community, it IS a big thing in every Spanish-speaking country. Here are some fun facts to share with your students!

Escape Rooms For Spanish Class

Escape Rooms For Spanish Class

ave you ever visited an Escape Room with a group of friends? It’s a form of entertainment for adults and for younger people! They are so much fun, and that’s why I highly recommend using Escape Rooms for Spanish class!! There is usually an overarching mystery or problem to solve, and you must work through the different clues or puzzles to solve it! In a physical space, you might need to unlock all the locks in a certain amount of time. In our classrooms, we can use technology to make it all digital!