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AI For Spanish Teachers

AI for Spanish Teachers

Are you already on the AI bandwagon? Artificial Intelligence apps can bring some real creativity into the classroom! I will admit, I am one of those people that is often the last to jump on a trend. I didn’t wear capri pants until they were just about out of style! But I’m willing to explore and try new things when it comes to helping my students learn and engage. So, check out these AI sites for Spanish teachers!

Games for Acquisition

Games For Acquisition

A few months ago, I asked the people on my email list what questions they had. I got a ton of great questions, and the best part was… some I knew the answers to, and it made me feel good! Others I didn’t, and it has helped me become a better, more educated teacher while I learn alongside you! But today’s post is about games for acquisition. There are all kinds of games we can play in WL classrooms, but which ones actually help move the needle when it comes to building proficiency? I’ll share a few today!

language lab

No Language Lab? No Problem!

Does your school have a language lab? My school has been through many iterations. We had one, then we had one without any supported software, and then they dismantled it……. 🤔🤔🤔

Bur now we use a software called Extempore. It’s a subscription service that our district pays for. It continues to improve each year, and I think it’s great! I am not paid to say this, and I have no affiliate benefits either. I’m just putting this app out there in case it could help other Spanish and World Language teachers and students!

Escape Rooms For Spanish Class

Escape Rooms For Spanish Class

ave you ever visited an Escape Room with a group of friends? It’s a form of entertainment for adults and for younger people! They are so much fun, and that’s why I highly recommend using Escape Rooms for Spanish class!! There is usually an overarching mystery or problem to solve, and you must work through the different clues or puzzles to solve it! In a physical space, you might need to unlock all the locks in a certain amount of time. In our classrooms, we can use technology to make it all digital!

Fall Spanish Activities

Fall Spanish Activities

Looking for ideas for Fall Spanish activities for you high school students? Sometimes we can get bogged down in the required curriculum, and we lose the opportunity to increase proficiency overall when we don’t take advantage of other ways to engage our students! By using the 4 seasons, we can offer a variety of cultural and linguistic opportunities that feel FUN for our students!